it - technology, media, telecommunications



TMT and Technology

As a lawyer, I specialize in Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) and ICT. Over the past decade, I learned from market-leading lawyers and contributed to several high-profile cases, gaining not just serious regulatory, but in-dept technical knowledge as well.

The relevant activities of me as TMT and ICT lawyer are, amongst others, the following:

  • Representation before authority (NMHH, Media Council) and court of electronic communication service providers (both mobile and fixed line operators) and media providers on the full range of electronic communications and media law (licenses, notifications, regulatory and supervisory questions, frequency issues and tenders, building issues, market analysis and SMP procedures)
  • Advising in complex regulatory matters, obtaining NMHH resolutions
  • Drafting of GTCs and regulations
  • Drafting and review of sample contracts and contract systems
  • Legal support of IT procurements and services
  • Issues in connection with advertising law, intellectual property (IP) and E-commerce law