Compliance and regulatory matters

Compliance is an important issue. In the recent period an extraordinary amount of and often conflicting legal regulations have been passed. Those cannot always be clearly applied by the affected persons and even by the relevant authorities. There is an extra burden on the companies in connection with the compliance with such legal regulations and regulatory instruments that determine their daily routine. In many cases they have to face serious fines and long litigations even if they act with a well-prepared legal advisor.

Having regard to the foregoing it is necessary to approach the compliance of the given company’s operations proactively. By that the possible problems can be identified in due time and as a result of that the unfavourable consequences can be avoided. In addition, a more thorough analysis will help to assess the effectiveness of the relevant systems and contribute to their development. As a result of that not only the increase of efficiency but cost reductions can be achieved as well.

Our recommended services as lawyer cover amongst others the following topics:

  • Preparation for selling a company
  • Assessment of labour law regulatory compliance (including compliance with rules relating to health and safety, collective labour law and equal treatment compliance; examination of the relevant sample and individual contracts)
  • Analysis of work orders as well as issues and regulations related to work organization
  • Assessment of remuneration systems
  • Analysis of the compliance of policies and actions regarding selection, promotion, education and training of employees
  • Examination of contractual system and workflow of outsourced activities
  • Data protection audit with particular attention to the treatment and transfer of the data of employees, suppliers and customers, the contents the applicable regulations, and legal issues relating to intellectual properties
  • Compliance audit related to model contracts, GTCs, warranty cards and other widely-used documents
  • Data protection and E-commerce audit of websites and webshops
  • Consumer protection and competition law audit with special emphasis on the prevention of administrative proceedings and the steps to be followed in case of certain procedural actions (e.g. dawn-raid of GVH, i.e. the HCA)
  • Analysis of compliance with the special legal regulations affecting the given industry