versenyjog - competition law


Antitrust, Competition law

We acquired our competition law, antitrust expertise from the doyens of this industry. We are proud that we were involved in a number of competition cases having significant public interest in the past decade.

The relevant activities of Szabó Gergely Gábor Law Firm are, amongst others, the following:

  • Merger clearance at the HCA (GVH), European Commission (DG Comp) structuring of cross-border mergers and acquisitions
  • Advising and representation before the HCO, competent EU authorities and courts in connection with cases involving alleged abuse of dominant position, cartel, unfair competition, unfair commercial practices against consumers
  • Advising and representation in advertising cases and consumer protection cases
  • Representation and advising in private enforcement cases of cartel damages
  • Advising and representation in state aid cases
  • Antitrust and competition law compliance and solving of complex issues
  • Competent and effective representation during “dawn raid” procedures of HCA (GVH)