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Real estate law

What is real estate?

It is the basis of real estate law. Well, it may seem strange to many why we ask such a simple question, but they will soon understand. The fact of the matter is that the concept of real estate can be approached from many directions. Here we don’t now wish to detail all the definitions that can be found, but we just list the Acts where they can be found. You can find detailed definitions under the questions and answers section in:

– the Civil Code,

– the Land Registry Act,

– the Duties Act and the Local Taxes Act,

– the Personal Income Tax Act,

– the VAT Act.

There are differences between the definitions in all of the Acts mentioned, but this is known to the real estate lawyer. The simplest and most practical approach for you is that a property is that has its own topographical lot number. Any other knowledge about this is possessed by the real estate lawyer.

What is a real estate lawyer? It’s a strange compound word, but it gains a new sense in real estate transactions.

Real property is subject to special legal regulations. Anyone can sell or buy real estate, but it is definitely advisable to start a sale and purchase process with a competent lawyer. A lot of people don’t think so, but without knowing the legal background there’s a pretty big risk even with the simplest sale and purchase of real property. There may be pitfalls that can cause quite a loss. It is worth using the assistance of a lawyer who is an expert in real estate law, i.e. a real estate lawyer, in such transactions.

Perhaps a more well-known definition of real estate lawyer is real property lawyer or real estate attorney. Based on their experience in real estate law, they have outstanding expertise and are able to accompany the parties through the entire process of transactions by providing competent assistance.

The statement that any lawyer would be a real estate lawyer is untrue. In order to be able to perform this task efficiently and competently, it takes years of intensive experience and solid expertise based on experience.

What transactions can a real estate lawyer be used in?

There is a wide range of areas where a real estate lawyer can be involved. We don’t wish to list all areas here now; you will also have a detailed description under the questions and answers section.

Rather, we would highlight in points in which areas we provide quality services on a professionally guaranteed basis:

– drafting and reviewing contracts for the transfer of title to and rental of real estate (contract for sale and purchase, gift contract, exchange agreement and rental agreement), full administration with the Land Registry Office;

– reviewing and drafting of security contracts for real property; involvement in banking administration;

– full legal support for real estate projects (residential, commercial and industrial properties);

– legal support for real estate management;

energy purchase for office buildings and industrial parks, private cable cases;

– legal advice and representation in real estate transactions of foreigners;

– representation in litigation and before authorities in matters involving real property.

We can only repeat ourselves, thus highlighting your safety, whereby it is worth doing any real estate transaction, including a real estate sales contract, only with the assistance of a real estate lawyer experienced in real estate law.