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Corporate law, M&A

What is corporate law?

Corporate law and M&A involves tasks in a quite wide range of fields, practically from the forming of a company to its operation and to its dissolution. (Of course, if that happens.)

But let’s look in detail at what corporate law involves in the life of a law firm and in what cases it is recommended that you use a corporate lawyer’s assistance:

       –       corporate law matters,

       –       M&A transactions (Mergers and Acquisitions),

       –       forming of a company,

       –       change registration,

       –       company acquisition,

       –       transformation of companies (merger, demerger),

       –       matters between members (shareholders),

       –       legal disputes relating to companies,

       –       issuing of shares,

       –       capital market transactions,

       –       voluntary dissolution,

       –       compulsory strike-off procedures,

       –       assets settlement procedure,

        –       bankruptcy and winding-up proceedings.

       We must point out that an experienced lawyer who works in the area of corporate law is not only involved in drafting documents, going through procedures, but also in structuring transactions and answering organisational and, where appropriate, tax questions.

We, as attorney have a very wide experience in corporate law, transactional and commercial law on a solid professional basis and, of course, what is essential also in the field of corporate law, we have the necessary number of cases, i.e. experience, for the expected quality to be provided to our clients. This is what has ensured our successful operation in the past years.

How can we help you in corporate and M&A matters?

This is only a list, of course, but we don’t wish to describe the full scope of our activities in this area in full detail here. You can find more detailed information during a personal consultation. This solution is also recommended to all interested parties because, taking into account the problems in the operation of a company, from its establishment to its continuous operation, a personal consultation can not only provide suggestions for solutions, but can also reveal so far unknown problems or opportunities, which have not yet been addressed.

And finally, we provide you a short list of activities in which you can contact us as corporate lawyers in the field of corporate law and M&A:

       –       full consulting and administration on the establishment, transformation and dissolution of companies and representation in company incorporation procedures;

       –       administration and drafting of documents relating to changes in registered companies;

       –       drafting internal regulations and documents required for a member’s meeting or general meeting; advice on corporate group issues;

       –       transaction consulting on the merger and acquisition (M&A) of companies, including structural issues; preparing contracts for the transfer of shares, business quotas, business lines and assets;

       –       full consulting on and representation in bankruptcy, winding-up and voluntary dissolution proceedings;

       –       due diligence of companies, analysis of contractual relations and enforcement of claims;

       –       legal support for startups;

       –       drafting and reviewing commercial contracts;

       –       drafting and reviewing distribution and agency agreements;

       –       preparing franchise contracts and related legal consulting;

       –       consulting and drafting documents on e-commerce issues;

       –       development of GTCs and confidentiality agreements.How cangg